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Therapeutic Life Coaching

Private, online, one to one sessions

Resolve Unwanted feelings and behaviours

Life Coaching | EFT Tapping | Time Line Therapy® | NLP | Hypnosis

Get the results you want while feeling safe, supported and in control

Are you troubled by your thoughts or feelings? Are your issues or circumstances getting in your way? Do you long to feel or act differently?

Are you ready fora significant drop in stress and anxiety, to gain inner peace and confidence?

Are you ready for a profoundly improved relationship with yourself, with others and with life itself.

I work with determined, open minded people, in the uk and around the world.  With people who want to be free of past or current trauma, emotional pain, limiting beliefs, mental anguish, stress or anxiety.  

With my guidance plus the insightful use of modern techniques, you will be able to free yourself from your pain or issues. You will feel the difference within you and see these positive shifts showing up in your everyday life 

Through working with me, you will be able to finally understand yourself, to clear and release your painful, negative feelings, to properly unhook from your negative beliefs and you will stop being so easily triggered or stressed. Then life keeps improving. 

You will get the results you need to achieve your goals

I work with compassion, enthusiasm, experience and confidence.

People say that I am a knowledgeable and experienced ‘wise’ guide. An insightful life-clarifier and an emotional healer. Yet they also like that I am kindly clear, logical, supportive and down to earth.

I can help you to the other side of your pain or struggles, to experience the life you want for yourself. I know that you can get to the other side of this. You simply need to work with someone experienced in helping clients find their way and clear the backlog of experiences, thoughts or emotions that are troubling them. I’m confident as I’ve done this so many times with so many clients. I know that you can thrive.

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Willow Life Coach

Working with Willow

“I work with compassion, enthusiasm, experience and confidence.”

I position my approach under the label of Life Coaching. I have decades of experience in helping people in the UK and around the world in the therapeutic and Life Coaching arena. I have a background in psychology and therapy, I’m also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and qualified in EFT Tapping, NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Clarity Coaching.

My expertise lies in supporting people to clarify and clear what’s getting in their way. I show people how much is possible for them. I help them clear what they haven’t been able to clear until now. And I connect you up so that you go forward being able to genuinely trust yourself, your insights and your instincts. You get to feel good. 

We can only deal with something when we are ready, yet working with the right person both speeds this up and make it so much easier than you might imagine. I love this work, showing people how much is possible in a realistic timeframe, once you have the right help, support and techniques.

I work using my experience, skill and compassion. I truly care about helping people reconnect to their true selves, to heal and to grow.

I am qualified, registered and insured and I follow the code of ethics of the professional bodies of which I am a member.

Sometimes it all starts with simply having someone to talk it through with, so email, text, WhatsApp or call me to book an appointment.

If you prefer to talk before booking a session, then I offer a number of free ‘Up to 30 minutes’ initial conversation sessions by phone/Zoom or we can have a message exchange.

Call/text 07876 593 603  or email: willow@trueselfliberation.com 

*  DISCLAIMER –  I am  legally required to mention that every person is unique and results may vary from person to person when you work with me.



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