Transition or change

Change is a normal part of life, nothing ever stays completely the same as life is organic and is always moving forwards.

I work with people who are experiencing shifts in their physical reality, perhaps they are moving home, location, job etc. I also work with those handing welcome or unwanted change in their personal life. Sometimes these things happen in tandem.

Life transitions ask us to let go of what is know and familiar and to move into the new and unknown, until it becomes our new normal. Sometimes we are travelling through a phase that will pass in time but cannot be avoided. For example pregnancy, becoming first time parents, dealing with a break up or a loss. Other times we are moving into something we’ve worked hard to create or achieve and still we find ourselves challenged.

This is a good time to look after yourself and to seek support.    

The results from the techniques that I use will help you to get clarity about what you are experiencing and where you need help.

Life Coaching using EFT Tapping, NLP and Time Line Therapy® offer an incredibly fast and powerful way to clear unhelpful emotions or beleifs and support you through your transition.

we can rapidly create a reduction in or the elimination of the following:-

  • Overthinking or overwhelm
  • Negative thoughts
  • Problems with sleeping
  • Fear about the future
  • Grief or sadness about what you are moving on from
  • Issues with decision making
  • Managing others in the mix of what you are handling
  • Issues with concentration
  • Pessimistic thoughts
  • Fear of isolation or loneliness