Eating, weight and body issues

Most people with eating/weight/body issues know a great deal about healthy eating, dieting, calorie counting etc. or they know veery little. Either way they can’t find or maintain a plan that works for them. Do you have a long history of trying every new diet and still failing to achieve the outcome you desire?

Life Coaching, EFT Tapping, Time Line therapy,® NLP and Hypnosis can work fantastically well for you. These techniques can enable you, in a safe and comfortable manner, to get to the bottom of what’s undermining your efforts and getting in your way.

There are many aspects to losing weight

  • Being able to let the weight go for good
  • Believing it’s possible, that you can succeed over the long term
  • Believing it’s possible for you now, regardless of the past
  • Stopping or managing comfort eating
  • Dealing with unresolved feelings that impact your food and body
  • Creating a helpful link between food and true self nurture
  • Dealing with the situations causing the comfort eating
  • Stopping obsessing about food
  • Combating food cravings
  • Being more comfortable about moving your body, more of the time
  • Letting go of the feelings of failure and guilt
  • Being more assertive
  • Raising your metabolic rate
  • Clearing negative self-worth issues
  • Understanding your relationship with food
  • Clearing beliefs that the weight cannot be lost
  • Clearing underlying resistance to your success

Weight issues are generally not just about the weight or our eating habit. The weight issue is often caused by unresolved negative emotions, limiting beliefs or conflicting part of yourself. These techniques powerfully address these issues.

Life Coaching, EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy®, NLP & Hypnosis allow you
to deal with your emotions and create new beliefs and habits