trauma past or present

I am trauma informed. As a trauma survivor, I know trauma from both a personal and professional perspective. I understand the client who is impacted by trauma and thus I am very careful to ensure that my clients feel safe, supported and in control.  

Trauma is about experiencing something that was too big for you to process at the time or immediately afterwards. So it gets left unprocessed and it can feel like it fills you up. That you have less emotional, mental and physical space for everyday life. You may have flashbacks, triggers or troubling dreams. Or you may be entirely unconscious of how the unresolved trauma is impacting you. You may get labelled as having a certain disorder or as being difficult, neurotic or uncooperative. 

Trauma is officially diagnosed when the ‘traumatic’ experience happened over 3 months ago or longer and you aren’t free of it troubling you. At this stage, talking alone won’t usually be enough to process, integrate or clear it. So we use clearing and integration techniques while helping you to feel safe, heard and respected. We need to support you to begin to trust yourself again. To feel safe in your own body, rather than caught up in an over reliance on your thinking. 

In today’s world, more and more people now recognise that they are suffering from trauma. They grasp that they are being triggered and that their body and nervous system repeatedly moves into flight, fight or freeze (or fawn). They know that they are often overwhelmed or cut off from their true self. 

However the vast majority of people don’t know these things about themselves. 

We’ve all heard of trauma but we don’t know that it may relate to us. We often judge our experience to not be big enough to create trauma. Yet trauma can be built up over time. Perhaps we’ve been through challenging or traumatic experiences but we don’t recognise them as trauma because we have normalised, forgotten or repressed them. We may judge what we’ve been through as not ‘dramatic’ enough to create trauma. Sometimes we’ve been advised not to look backwards and to just move on, so we don’t get to explore how strongly we’ve been effected. Or we’ve been shamed or felt ashamed so we have buried our secrets and our upsets, trying to simply forget them. 

If we are Neuro diverse (especially if it is undiagnosed and we just feel different and struggle to fit in) we may be constantly traumatised by social and sensory experiences that others don’t understand or recognise. 

Often we are told how to behave or to be. Yet the advice is coming from someone who doesn’t understand that the trauma prevents us from following this logical or practical advice. Perhaps we’ve had love and support from family, friends or a professional, so we feel that we should be over this by now. We expected that talking about it or being rational about it would make it go away – yet it hasn’t. Often friends, family, medical professionals, therapists or Life Coaches simply aren’t trauma informed, so they don’t recognise that you are suffering with trauma and don’t know what would heal this. 

When you are experiencing unrecognised or undiagnosed trauma you are vulnerable. Often clients are so desperate for help that they impatiently rush between practitioners looking for the magic wand and instant solutions so they risk experiencing fresh trauma by giving their power away. Or they may avoid building any real relationship with a practitioner, as they don’t feel safe, understood or in control. 

My style of coaching is trauma informed. Together we respect your innate wisdom, that you know best about you. Yet we also educate you on what you can’t see from inside this experience.  We use safe, gentle, powerful techniques to gradually process and clear the trauma, balance your nervous system and bring you back into self connection and trust in yourself and life. 

The work that we will do together, can help to free you from these struggles.

Life Coaching with EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy, NLP or Hypnosis can allow you to let go of the past and to free yourself to be your true self, all without having to re-live or re-experience the trauma of the events that hurt you in the first place.

You can keep all of the learnings, growth and history that makes you who you are – while releasing the painful feelings and beliefs so they no longer want impacting your life as they once did.

The power and benefits of this work can be truly amazing…