Troubled by Your Childhood


Being a child can be tough and so can being a parent. Many people have had painful childhood experiences. Some of us had loving parents who parented us with the best intentions. While others had less than loving parents.

Sometimes our childhood was troubled by events and experiences that no one had any control over. Things happen in life, tragedy, misunderstanding, humiliations, events that scare or hurt us. No one knows what will leave a lasting mark. As children we had to live through whatever trouble there was and cope as best we could. 

Sometimes the troubles of childhood are inflicted upon us by the very people that we were expecting to keep us safe and to make us feel ok. Other times we hide our troubles from our parents or take on their troubles. We may have been scared or hurt.

As adults, we can find ourselves either not recognising the link between our current struggles and our childhood issues. Or those feelings and experiences continue to haunt us yet we don’t want to admit to this or to revisit them.

When we carry old feelings around they impact our experience of our life in the present, of how we experience ourselves and others. It can define the lives we create, what we attract, who we end up befriending, working with, marrying etc. It can influence our luck, our attitudes, our health, our beliefs, our thought processes. And yet it doesn’t have to.

The work that we will do together, can help to free you from these struggles.

Life Coaching with EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy, NLP or Hypnosis can allow you to let go of the past and to free yourself to be your true self. All without having to re-live or re-experience the trauma of the events that hurt you in the first place.

You can keep all of the learnings, growth and history that makes you who you are – while releasing the painful feelings and beliefs that you no longer want to be impacting on your life.

The power and benefits of this work can be truly life changing.