Working online

Working like this is now part of modern living

I’ve been working online for over a decade, with amazing results.

Working online means that the time and place can be flexible.
You can work from home, from work, in your car or in the park.

This way of working allows me to offer you my years of experience and success, and my broad-based guidance, insight and support for you, wherever you are in the world 

Why offer coaching online?

Nowadays, almost all of my coaching is online, although some of my coaching packages do take place in person.
It’s a way for me to have a flexible life and to be able to work with people from all over the globe while also benefiting you.

Video transcript

We’re in a world now where working online has
become normalised. But I’ve actually been working as a therapeutic life coach online for many many years.

I used to have half my practice online and half my practice in person.

And since the pandemic now all my practice is online and working online, I find that people are actually more relaxed in their own environment in their own home.

They often turn up in pajamas with the hair scraped back and no makeup and it allows them to let go of their mask and let go of presenting in the way they feel they need to and really get into the work and make progress with me.

The great thing about working online is that people can find a meeting room at work for a privacy for an hour, often people actually video call me from their car whether they’re at home and they want to leave the house for privacy or they’re transitioning from one place to another and they fit their session in.

It’s a great modern way to work and it allows people to be more relaxed. But also more adaptable.