Simple metaphors map life

What vehicle are you in?

The above video explains a little of how I work and how I use simple metaphors to help guide my work with you.

There is also a transcript of the video below.

Video transcript

Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for metaphors. I often get teased about this but actually people recognise and acknowledge that it helps me map the world and explain it and make it meaningful to people without them having to have all the background knowledge and understanding that I have.

And when I talk about True Self Liberation I focus on three key areas.

All of which I use a metaphor to explain in simple terms.

These three metaphors are ski runs

I’m not a skier but I everyone knows there’s a black ski run and then there are nursery slopes and there’s everything in between.

The second metaphor I use a greenhouse. I’m also not a gardener, but everyone knows that’s the place where life thrives

And then the third metaphor is vehicles. I am a driver, some people aren’t, you can pick any vehicle you like but the idea that what vehicle are we using to try and do what kind of journey.

Those are my three key metaphors where I focus with True Self Liberation.

So go into the vehicle first. I often ask clients. What vehicle do you think you’re driving?

And who do you think is driving it? Because sometimes we’re trying to drive a milk float somewhere that’s actually a race track and we need a Ferrari.

Or we’re trying to drive a Lamborghini across the jungle and the rivers when actually we need a Jeep.

The thing is it’s not just what is your vehicle?

It’s also who’s driving you.

Because each of us have different vehicles. We have different personality types.

We have different levels of neurodiversity or we’re not neurodiverse where there are so many different elements that make up the vehicle that we are but also we’re often triggered.

So suddenly it’s a child or a teenager that’s driving our car not us.

And so understanding that and understanding the driving has been taken over by other parts of ourselves helps us heal these divisions in ourselves and come together as whole.

Where it comes to the greenhouse there we’re really talking about where we landed in life.

Who are your parents are your caregivers? What environment did you grow up with? What was it like at home?

Who are your relatives who are your ancestors what was going on economically? What was the culture? What were the rules? What were the beliefs?

We grow in this environment in it shapes us.

And then we grow up and we leave home most of us, but some of us, we build our own greenhouse only to really live in mum and dad’s greenhouse, or have one foot in each greenhouse. And so really seeing how all of this is impacted us and where we’re at with it currently really allows us to heal any of these issues address them.

And move on to a life that really works for us keeping the best of what we already have and changing whatever needs changing.

My third metaphor about ski runs is really talking about.

What are you here for? What’s your soul up to in this life?

Because it’s interesting when we look around some people seem to really know what they’re here for, find a really easy time of sorting that out and get on with it in a very successful and very pleasurable way.

But many of us seem to go from one problem to the next to the next really having a tough time or a tough series of times.

Um, we would say ‘Well, they’re really on a black ski run.”

This is not an easy life for them.

Often when people are awakening, growing as people, becoming more spiritual, things get rocky and the black ski run seems to show up but for others it seems to have been there all along and actually with this kind of work they’re emerging from it.

I believe we have souls, most of the people I work with are on board with the idea of us being souls.

And so it’s not only about your greenhouse and your vehicle.

It’s also about you know, what’s going on behind the curtain really and how can we bring that together with what’s going on for your vehicle and your greenhouse and see the interplay between them all.

Now all of that might sound like oh my God, I’m gonna have to do a PhD in Psychology and therapy and spirituality.

And actually the way I work is the opposite.

I simplify, I teach really basic models that give people a handle on what’s going on,

Without having to get too far into it and in doing that, they feel more grounded by my models and my metaphors and gradually they just sink down into their own wisdom into their inner wisdom, into their connection with their true self.

And they show up more and more as themselves knowing that what they need. Their instinct, their intuition will show up as and when they need it.

There’s less fear of the future.

There’s less overthinking.

There’s less stress and anxiety.

Many of the changes my clients describe in our work. I often say to them at the start.

You’re going to have to trust me because with this work you can actually get more than you think you can, you can be more free of your issues than you imagined possible.

And as long as they engage in the work and we do it they come out the other side and they usually say oh my

God, I can’t believe it but it’s true, but I can believe it because I’m experiencing it.

I’m not having to run this with willpower. I’m not having to try to change. It’s like I’ve really changed inside. So then I just find myself acting and feeling differently in my everyday life.

And it’s a liberation, True Self Liberation.

I wanted that for myself and in searching for it in life and going on this path. I find I can share that with my clients.