Stress or anxiety

Stress or anxiety Stress and Anxiety are now recognised as some of the most challenging issues in life. They tend to be self reinforcing. You can end up stressed about being stressed and feeling anxious about your anxiety. Perhaps your stress comes from something obvious, specific and current, from the past or from a combination […]

Trauma – past or present

trauma past or present I am trauma informed. As a trauma survivor, I know trauma from both a personal and professional perspective. I understand the client who is impacted by trauma and thus I am very careful to ensure that my clients feel safe, supported and in control.   Trauma is about experiencing something that was […]

Relationship issues

Relationship issues   Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself, grieve a relationship that has ended, heal your current relationship, end a dysfunctional relationship or be able to get into a new, better relationship? The work I do with you can allow you to make those shifts. Working with me can makes it […]

Panic, Fear, Phobias

Fears, Panic, Phobias I can help you free yourself from your fears/panic/phobias/fixations.Only you know when your levels of stress, anxiety or avoidance around something are making life too hard. It really doesn’t have to be this way. Together we can create lasting change for you. Life Coaching including EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy®, NLP & […]

Troubles from childhood

Troubled by Your Childhood TROUBLED BY YOUR CHILDHOOD, BY YOUR PARENTS OR WHILE BEING A PARENT  Being a child can be tough and so can being a parent. Many people have had painful childhood experiences. Some of us had loving parents who parented us with the best intentions. While others had less than loving parents. […]

Work Money Issues

Work, career, money issues Work issues, our careers and our finances can have a huge impact on our lives and our mental health. I work with professionals, creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs to shift how they feel about their work, those they work with and the work itself. I have a vast array of experience […]

Self esteem issues

self esteem Issues I can help you feel more confident and more compassionate towards yourself. Huge numbers of people suffer from low self-esteem or a lack of self-worth. While others don’t feel as confident as they would like to. Through Life Coaching using EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy®, NLP or Hypnosis these issues can be resolved.  […]

Anger or depression

Anger or depression Reduce or eliminate feelings of depression  Depression is an extremely debilitating condition that affects how you think, feel and behave. Many people have gone through depression without seeking help. They try to cope alone or take anti-depressants and often still find that they feel awful. I work with people with depression to really make […]

Sadness or grief

Grief, loss, heartbreak, sadness Grief is a normal, healthy and appropriate feeling when we experience loss. People may tell you that we shouldn’t seek help for grief, that time alone will heal us. Or that we should live in the pain as proof that we love who or what we have lost. Yet often it can […]

Release Negative Beliefs

release negative beliefs Intentionally releasing negative or limiting beliefs is something that is new to the world. Working with an experienced, skilled professional this is more easily accomplished than most people would ever imagine. We used to only have talking therapy, which can be very supportive and effective. Yet it is nothing like the experience […]

Transition or Change

Transition or change Change is a normal part of life, nothing ever stays completely the same as life is organic and is always moving forwards. I work with people who are experiencing shifts in their physical reality, perhaps they are moving home, location, job etc. I also work with those handing welcome or unwanted change […]

Recovery addiction

Addictive thoughts and/or behaviours I can help you to free yourself from thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are feeling addictive or support you if you are already in rRecovery.  Most people know from their own personal experience when something has become addictive for them…When you can’t stop doing what you know isn’t helping you,When what […]

simple metaphors map life

Simple metaphors map life What vehicle are you in? The above video explains a little of how I work and how I use simple metaphors to help guide my work with you. There is also a transcript of the video below. Video transcript Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for metaphors. I often […]

working online

Working online Working like this is now part of modern living I’ve been working online for over a decade, with amazing results. Working online means that the time and place can be flexible.You can work from home, from work, in your car or in the park. This way of working allows me to offer you my […]

Body issues

Eating, weight and body issues Most people with eating/weight/body issues know a great deal about healthy eating, dieting, calorie counting etc. or they know veery little. Either way they can’t find or maintain a plan that works for them. Do you have a long history of trying every new diet and still failing to achieve the […]

Sleep Issues

Sleep Issues You TRULY can sleep BETTER There are several different types of sleeping problems – which do you suffer from? Inability to get to sleep Waking up in the night Being unable to get back to sleep once woken Not being able to sleep in alternative locations Shift work affecting sleeping Bad habits of […]