Breathe, take a moment for yourself and then focus

Know that you are responsible for yourself, your life and your choices

Let your intention be to find your own Truth


Treat the cards with respect. Be open to the possibility of change, growth and new thoughts.

Be willing to accept the answer you get even if it takes time for the meaning to come through or become clear to you

Be sure to shuffle the cards thoroughly before the first time you use them

Pay close attention to any card that seems to jump or hop out of the pack as you shuffle. It is asking for your attention

To pick your card spread the deck in a fan and choose whichever one is calling to you. Or, cut the deck and take the top card from each pile you create. As your confidence grows you can find many ways to select your cards


Keep your question as simple as you can

Ask only the questions that you are willing to have answered

Never ask a question that demands a yes or no answer as the cards are not intended to take responsibility away from you

Don’t ask ‘why’ as knowing this doesn’t change anything. Instead ask for guidance, ask what you need to know or ask what the purpose is behind what is happening

Ask your question while you shuffle the cards

Know that you can always ask another question on the same subject


You might ask:

‘What is my truth on the issue of…?’

‘What advice or guidance do I need about…?’

‘What do I need to know or learn about…?’

‘What is there for me to see or become aware of here…?’

‘What is the central issue regarding…?’

‘What am I not willing to face up to…?’

‘What else do I need to know about…?’



Love • Spirituality • Possibilities
Live Now • Balance • Completion
Beliefs • Confidence • Let Go
Effort • Needs • Lessons

When this suit comes up strongly it is asking you to embrace the possibilities on offer in your life, to go beyond limitations and to step into the new.

This is a time of growth. There may be challenges around control, acceptance and self-responsibility. You are being guided to move into your heart, to open yourself to what is beyond the physical or the obvious.

Soften, trust and relax into a place where you accept what is. Be receptive to the unknown. Trust in life.


Blessings • Creativity • Self esteem
Clarity • Boundaries • Communication
Support • Persistence • Resilience
Fear • Denial • Addiction

When this suit comes up strongly it is the time for breaking through and revealing the blessings that are always yours.

It is a time to get clear and to connect with your essential self. You are being encouraged and reassured.

Ideally, face anything that you would rather avoid, knowing that doing so will take you in the right direction and that you are ready for this.

Recognise the protection and encouragement in the Blessings suit. It is reassuring you that all is well, you are safe, you are supported.


Transformation • Energy • Manifestation
Freedom • Independence • Honesty
Inside • Skill • Co-operation
Struggle • Fragmentation • Avoidance

When this suit comes up strongly it is a positive time of continuous change. You are evolving and moving to a higher level. As this happens know that the potential lies within you. Be kind, supportive and be compassionate with yourself.

Embrace your journey and value the outcome that comes from you being responsible for yourself during this time. It will be worth it.

As you let go of resistance and become more self aware you will own your strength and understand these shifts more clearly.


Power • Wisdom • Guidance
Abundance • Appreciation • Nurture
Awareness • Order • Community
Patience • Trust • Be Yourself 

When this suit comes up strongly this is a time for significant personal growth and progress. By being positive and willing to explore this you will come into your own power.

See this as a good omen, there is potential in your situation as long as you are ready to commit to yourself. Prioritise and trust in the benefits of systems and structure. Create good habits. Be thankful.

There is no need to force or rush anything. Own your strength. Be willing to use your power, knowing that it is available to you now.


You can pick a single card as a focus for your day, your week, or your meditation. In fact for any moment or event in your life where you feel Truth would guide you or improve your self awareness.

You can also use this reading for a specific situation such as a decision, question, business meeting or for inspiration. It can be used to gain guidance and clarity, to challenge yourself and to provide a new way of thinking.

How to do this reading

Shuffle the cards while asking them for guidance.

With the cards face down, take any one card from the deck.

Focus on the central message.

Observe how this message relates to your issue. Focus on the corner or corners most relevant to your question

The Truth Cards™ offer you the highest level of guidance and insight

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